Wow, what a week so far.  I have started to realize some of the skills, actions and drills we have been doing, I have been automatically implementing them in my life, or at least noticing them.  For example, I was watching the Kids at wrestling practice yesterday, and a particular move we were working on, their were a couple of sloppy things or (bad habits) in the move they were doing.   They were just little things, and on 90 % of the kids it wouldn’t matter.  So we worked on perfecting the move with constant drills with the right (habits or techniques).  What we learned with practicing the good habit, or right way to do the move, (repetition) we created a new habit in the move and the sloppy old habit slowly is disappearing. So what I’m getting at, is my subconscious mind is slowly automatically noticing and implementing some of the simple skills I’m learning.  I’m noticing that these success skills can be implemented in all parts of our lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m learning a ton, but my mind is still struggling with some of my old habits.  The new ones don’t always win, but I’m conscious of what’s going on and now know over time that I will be able to change or do anything in my life.  I’m finding that this class is one of the most important thing I’ll ever do in my life.  Its like getting a masters degree in life.

Till next time,  Shawn Bornholdt