Here we are again.  So excited in week for to be moving forward 100%.  Has anyone else noticed that life still seems to get in the way.  My old blueprint of what I’m used to do in certain cases still tries to pop in their.  And some times he wins.  But the great thing is I’m subconsciously or consciously noticing it.  I guess that’s why this is a 26 week course, we have to stay the course.  What I have found is whatever life throws at me, I’m 100% committed.  Even as things are getting thrown at me, other things are being thrown at me, maybe I’m not making sense.  For instance, I set a goal to do a few basic new things with my business, and that seems like it automatically set things in this world into action.  People in my group are automatically calling me and telling me the same thing and how they wanted to move forward and asking me to help them, instead of me bugging them.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to all the great things that we all have to look forward to.  I can tell you one thing, I have a lot of great gifts that I’m going to be bringing to the world and it is getting crystal clear of how it is going to come together.

By for now,

I always keep my promises, Shawn