Hey everyone,

Im back.  This week in class I had a lot of ah ha’s.  I finished my recordings and wow, how that has been helping me focus and keep my stinkin thinkin out of my mind.  No TV this week.  Didn’t realize how much I watched it.  Have found that I’m getting a lot more done.  Action in my business has naturally been happening.  Things that I normally have to work at or work my way up to doing, I have been just doing, subconsciously.   Wow another breakthrough.  As far as loving everyone and forgiving everyone.  It didn’t really sink in right away.  But the last 2 days it really has, and it is like a big weight was lifted off my chest.  In fact, it has made me think of some of the good things about a person.  So I guess I’m proof that anyone can change and in a big way.  I’m seeing clearer every day of where my business is going and my press release is coming to life.  Sorry I’m all over the board on this blog.

I always keep my promises,

Shawn Bornholdt