Hello   everyone,

Sorry about no posts over the holidays.  I actually posted 12 and 13 together, but have realized that for some reason I did it wrong and they did not end up live.  Anyway, back to the blog.  I’ve learned a lot over the weeks from the Master Keys Master Mind Course.  I think I notice more things in life and take charge or control of things when in the past I lied idol or didn’t even notice the opportunity.  This weekend I was at The Badgers National Wrestling Tournament with 2 of my boys.  Wow, talking about top competition in the country.  Unbelievable.  Anyway, I noticed perseverance and unbelievable will in these young boys.  I saw wrestlers pushing themselves even farther than they thought they could push for a goal.  All I can say is wow.  Something a lot more of us can do in real life.  I learned from these boys, if you want it bad enough and plan for it, anything is possible.  My son Colton had a tough weekend.  But he went to practice tonight.  He had told my wife that he was going to practice tonight because practice was cancelled Monday night (do to -14 below for a High), and he needed to train and get better.  You have to realize this is a 3rd grader who is very competitive.  But still, what if we all had that determination in our real lives, not just sports.

That is why I did not make a New Years Resolution this year.  That normally means something that last 1 to 3 weeks and then it is forgot about. But life resolutions, now that’s worth living for. So I have committed to several life resolutions that I’ve put into action in my life and put a game plan together to follow it.  I recommend you all try this.  For example, don’t just say “I’m going to lose xxx amount of weight this year.  Put a game plan together with meals, workout plans, and fun things to do in your life that might change your regular “BluePrint” or schedule that you are used to and do more active things regularly.  Hopefully I’m getting the point across.

Bye for Now,