npt        Posted: June 25, 2015 1:15 pm

We finally caught up with Shawn & Melissa Bornholdt to interview them.  As we sat on their beautiful Deck overlooking Cedar Lake, we found Shawn outside relaxing with a cup of coffee.  It seems like this couple have went from rags to riches in a very short time.  The buzz around the area is how did they do it and what makes them so special.

After a little small talk, I decided to get right into it with them.  What Started this whirlwind of a lifestyle for you.  Well, it all started when I had run across an incredible opportunity, Lyoness, and new I was going to build it big, but was having some challenges with getting things done and the fears I had inside.  That’s when a ran across a scholarship program from a great friend’s of mine, Davene and Mark Januszewski.  They had a course, (MKMMA) Master Key Mastermind Alliance 2013.  I applied for a scholarship and was awarded it.  Its a 26 week class that teaches you the right way to think and teaches you how to change bad habits into good ones. To change your course in life to the way you want it to go, not just from what everyone thinks it should go for you, because that’s what everyone else is doing.  From the 1st day of the course all the way through the 26 weeks, I could see changes happening daily.  Some days I went back a step before I could go forward, it takes work forming new ways of thinking and erasing some of the bad habits that hold you back.

I heard the past year you have been speaking all over the country, and even in Austria.  Yes, that is true.  We enjoy traveling around the country helping others to learn how to grow a successful business and hit all the goals in life they are looking for.  The MKMMA had also prepaired me to do this and to help people really dig down deep and find their reason why, which in turn helps you past your fears.  That was one of my main goals, was to have built a very successful business, so people would want to hear our story, and how we did it.  Give them hope, if we can do it they can too.  Teach them the simplicity of it.  How to get started right and to keep progressing, until they achieve what their looking for.  We feel blessed to have this opportunity to help other.

Last spring you went on a Canadian Fishing Trip, tell us about that.  Well, that was one of my goals, to take the entire family on a fly in fishing trip to Canada.  Which with my old income, this was not possible, being we have 6 boys.  We left in June, flew into Canada, and from their it took 2 plains, that is float plains, to haul us all.  It was a long, but exciting 3 hour trip.  The scenery was beautiful.  We finally were told to prepare for a water landing.  It was amazing.  What a blast.  We came up to a small cabin where they dropped us off, all ours for a week.  We had so much fun.  I had never caught that many walleyes in my life.  Then we decided to try for Northern Pike.  Wow did we hit into them.  It was fun watching the boys rip into 20 lb. plus fish.  What a rush.  And of course, every night we would have a camp fire and hang out.  The memories we created were priceless.  Even though we live in this beautiful house on the lake, its fun getting away with the family.


2 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE”

  1. Rhonda McCallum Woodman said:

    The photos are great and add a lot … and I agree with where you said it is one of the best things you have done in your life… me too and I am 62! Wish I had found it all earlier in life but one goal is to pass it on to my grandkids when the time is right.

  2. Like you, Shawn, I dream of helping others to learn what I’m learning. We have to give to receive, don’t we? Excellent story – makes me want to go to Canada also!

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